Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is a python script for running Google Deepdream. It uses a slightly-altered version of Bat Country, you can look there for requirements.

You can download it here from Github. Lucid Dream allows full control over dreams, including:

There are 3 datasets included:

To run dream(s), use

python -i --image    #input image (required)
                -o --output   #output filename root (required)

                -b --base-model     # list of datasets (default: google)
                                    # acceptable entries: google, place, car
                -l --layer          # list of layers (default: conv2/3x3)
                                    #  can also use /all to try whole set of layers
                -v --vis            # visualization - output images of the dream in progress

                -oc --octaves           # number of octaves in dream (default: 4)
                -it --iterations        # number of iterations in dream (default: 20)

                -os --octave-scale      # scale of octaves (default: 1.4)
                -ol --octave-layer      # list of layers for each octave
                -oi --octave-iterations # list of number of iterations 
                                        # for each octave 

                -d --dreams         # number of dreams (default: 1)

                -z --zoom           # scale of zoom (default: 0)
                -c --center         # x,y coordinates of zoom target
                                    # (default: center of image)
                -r --rotation       # rotation of zoom (default:0)

                -g --guide-image    # list of guide images to try